Outgoing Packages

Hair Transplantation


Price per Person 2500$


-Round Trip Ticket BEY IST BEY including taxes
- Airport transfers (flight not included)
- Two nights accommodation in 5 stars hotel-Marti Istanbul (very close to the hospital, just 2 min walking, and 2 min to Taksim Square as well), breakfast and Wifi included
- The operation in Acibadem Taksim Hospital (the newest hospital in Acibadem group, VIP hospital with many international certificates, the biggest medical group in Turkey).
- All necessary blood analyses before the operation in the hospital
- PRP treatment (treatment by Plasma) when we will wash the head after 2 days from the date of the operation before heading back to the airport (other centers do PRP on the same day of the operation. That is useless because the effective PRP liquid will leave the body by leaching).
- All necessary medication (Pain killers Antibiotic - Anti swollen - Aspirine) with shampoo, lotion, exclusive cotton pillow and a hat.
- Washing the head and applying PRP treatment, then clarifying the best way to take care of your new hair on the third day.
- Translator while the patient is in the hospital.
- Guarantee certification.


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