Outgoing Tours

Need a break, a family vacation, camping, shopping...? We are pleased to offer you a variety of activities in many hot destinations around the world.

Travel Gate Holiday offer the world's most enjoyable holidays, to exotic destinations, where everything is taken care of from beginning to end. Our customers don't have to do a single thing except, of course, to have a good time.

Our strategic mergers and alliances with the world's leading leisure tour operators allow us to offer travelers a choice of world-class international holidays.

Our goal is to help travelers, both foreign and domestic to rediscover the mystique of travel for travel's sake. The backing of our global brand gives our customers the confidence and the freedom to enjoy a host of activities designed especially for them.

It doesn't matter if you're in a club, society, halls of residence or you're just a group of mates, we offer a range of great destinations and activities tailored to fit your needs.